15 May 2008

Welcome back Wessler

My friend and fellow Project Vote Smart alum Mike Wessler has started blogging again at Poplitics.

25 March 2008

Still dark

I'm trying out Tumblr. Check it out:


14 August 2007

Track down anonymous Wikipedia edits!

Today wired.com has a great article about Wikipedia Scanner, a piece of software created by a Cal Tech student that allows users to see what organizations have been anonymously editing their own Wikipedia entries.

What he found is amazing. Corporations, members of Congress, even the CIA editing their own pages. Score one for accountability!

Read the article.

Use Wikipedia Scanner.

13 August 2007

Joining Technorati

I joined Technorati, so you can find a profile for me and my blog there.

It's skeletal now, but I will add to it in the coming days.

#2,515,283 and rising!

Technorati Profile

Mike Wessler on Right Balance Radio

Last Monday Project Vote Smart's own Mike Wessler appeared on The Right Balance with Greg Allen to promote our programs, especially the upcoming Political Courage Test (PCT).

Mike did a great job, and we really owe Greg and everyone at the Accent Radio Network for providing such a great platform for us.

You can listen to the interview at The Voter's Speakeasy.

08 August 2007

More reflections on titles

This week there is a funny article in Slate by Michael Weiss entitled 'What Not to Name Your Blog.'
On the heals of the YearlyKos Convention, he comments on an array of liberal and conservative blogs' titles and their relative merits.

Lucky for me, I think 'I, Voter' passes muster.