29 January 2007

Google AdSense

After some deliberation, I decided to include Google Adsense on my blog. Making money on a blog has never interested me particularly, I am much more concerned with generating something useful, interesting, and fun for me and people who share my interests.

But I was swayed by a friend who uses Google ads on his blog. He convinced me that this could provide me with some capital that I could reinvest in the blog itself, adding features like a registered domain, etc.

Anyway, this will definitely improve the quality of this blog by providing me an incentive to post faithfully.

21 January 2007

The end of the electoral college?

I first read about this state-level movement on Red State Rebels, a blog for progressives in Idaho.

Thanks to this tool from Source Labs, I can put a Digg button right on the post. I'm still experimenting with it.

18 January 2007

Poor, neglected blog

I was inspired to start a blog about a month ago. But as the workload in my new job increased, this side project went by the boards. Now I am returning to it, hoping that instead of competing with my job for time and energy, it can assist me.

I work for the 'Key Votes' department at Project Vote Smart, which means I have to be knowledgeable about both internet research and the inner workings of Congress. The first part is easy, but when I started here a month ago, this represented the extent of my knowledge about Congress: